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DJ Inspired Playlists for Indoor Cycling

"All The Vibes" is a free, curated spotify playlist ideal for indoor cycling. It's a a high-danceability, mid-energy mix of house, elctro-pop and liquid drum 'n bass. Vibe with Blossom, Bicep, Byank & Bunt plus Fred, Flume and other familiar sounds.

To get the playlist link, click the button below and comment "VIBE" on the reel. We won't spam your DM's, we'll only send you the link.

The songs are harmonically mixed for a seamless flow, best played without shuffling and with a ten-second cross fade for the deepest immersion. 

At Sonic, we split it up into three separate rides, but kept each set of songs in the original order to experience the DJ inspired mix.

Tag us if you ride to these tunes, we'd love to see what you do with it.

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